Spooky season is here and it’s time for Halloween-themed everything! It’s easy to decorate your home in fall decor or dress it up with ghostly ornaments but what about on yourself?

How do you Halloween-theme yourself? With Halloween-themed nails of course!

This October you should try upping your Halloween game by decorating your nails with ‘spooktacular’ nail art. If you’re needing some nail art inspiration, check out some of the incredible creativity of these women on Instagram below.

The 26 nail art designs displayed here will hopefully help you get some ideas on how to best show your spooky spirit.

Halloween Nail Art Ideas & Inspiration

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #1

Simple, pretty, and girly. These nails are purrrrfect. For those of you who don’t like to get too flashy, this simple nail art design is easy to create yourself at home. All you need is a gloss black and clear gloss nail polish. Finish off with a kitty decal.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #2

Wow. This girl really brought her Halloween A-game!!! Talk about nails on fleek! This nail art is spooktacular and glam at the same time. If you want to impress your friends this is some nail artistry you may want to re-create.

Achieving this look isn’t as hard as you might imagine. You can easily order a purple nail gel set online and then add a Jack Skellington nail art decal to your gel set (which you can also pick up online).

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #3

Here’s a tribute to classic horror film Scream. This nail art design is sexy and scary at the same time with a hint of vampire.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #4

This is an impressive spooky ombre design that would surely make Morticia Addams jealous. The beautiful black and nude color scheme is elegant and likely to match any outfit you choose.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #5

This beautiful nail art design is not only on-point with the Halloween theme but also keeps things classy with the French tips. There’s something very Practical Magic-esque about these nails. Release you’re inner witch.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #6

Día de los muertos on these natural nails. We love the matte black nail polish and the fun pop of color used here.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #7

Rev things up with these blood red nails. Be sure to file your nails to a tapered end to create a more vampire-esque look.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #8

Cute nails using a classic Halloween color scheme. With only a little bit of skill you should be able to create the same design on your own nails if you have the right tools.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #9

This design also sticks with a classic Halloween color scheme but has a more edgier look than the one above. To achieve this, be sure to choose a matte polish and then personalize with your favorite decorations.

Halloween Nail Art Inspiration #10

Patched French tips that are simple and easy enough to DIY. Get the look with Sally Hansen nail polish using colors Sun Tan and Black Out. You’ll also need this nail art brush to create the short strokes to achieve the patch detail.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #11

Halloween nail art that is more on the punk rock/emo/gothic scale. If this is your style, then you might like to try this simple yet outstanding design.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #12

These are truly terrifying nails in the style of the frightening film Child’s Play. Perhaps watch the film again and take away inspiration from scary Good Guy Doll, Chucky like the nail artist below did. Freaky and awe-inspiring right?!

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #13

Two-tone ghoulish nails that have an air of sophistication about them. You can achieve this look quite easily with or without the bat nail art stickers.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #14

If pink is your favorite color then this is the perfect nail art idea for you! Stand out in the crowd with hot pink nail polish which will help to make your spooky spider webs pop!!

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #15

This is a fun look to create and will really bring out your playful side. No need to be a perfectionist with this one… mix and match colors as you please, throw on some glitter and voila! Halloween ready!!

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #16

Holy French tips Batman! What a ghoulish but pretty twist on the French manicure. The only way to recreate this is to DIY and hand-paint the bats but it shouldn’t be too hard with a thin nail art brush.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #17

More French tip inspiration! These ones are a little more on the devilish side.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #18

How’s this for blood-curdling?! Part vampire-esque and part werewolf-y, these nails will definitely have you turning heads.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #19

Day Of The Dead style nail art. Intricate and inspiring nails that might be hard to pull off alone. If you’re too scared to attempt this at home pay a visit to your local nail technician who can probably help you out.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #20

Decorative and detailed nail art. Start with this beautiful orange base and top it off with your choice of Halloween nail stickers and bam you’re looking Halloween ready already!

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #21

There’s something really sexy about these candy corn inspired nails. Not only are these nails on fleek for Halloween but they are also going to help you crush your fall outfits. The sparing use of the ombre nail polish helps to maximize the alluring look.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #22

Another candy corn inspired design but this one is a little more on the sweeter side. Start with a matte coat of white then gently sponge yellow onto half of your nail, and then orange on the ends to get the look. The end result looks good enough to eat.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #23

We’re falling hard for these nails. Although they’re not very Halloween-esque, it is still fall y’all! And nothing says fall more than these chic nails. In fact they scream of autumn!! Get the look with this gorgeous maple leaf nail glitter and you’re favorite fall colors.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #24

Super cute boo nails to aspire too. This example shows that ghostly nails don’t always have to be scary. We love the shade of baby pink mixed in with the black and white polish.

Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #25

We had to include this example of Halloween nail art idea’s because it was too cute not to share. It’s simple and easy to achieve plus it really works well with it being October and all.

Halloween Nail Art Inspo #26

We’ll leave you with this basic Halloween babe look. It’s a good fall fallback for those who lack the energy, creativity, skill, or time. It still looks good though.

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