If you’re planning a trip Australia but haven’t decided on dates yet, perhaps you should consider visiting Australia in autumn.

Although Australia’s peak travel season is summer for domestic and international travelers, we think that autumn is an even better time of year to plan your travels to and in the land down under.

See our top ten reasons why you should plan a trip to Australia in autumn and let us know in the comments if we helped to persuade you.

10 Reasons To Visit Australia In Autumn

1. You Will Avoid Extreme Heat

Australia is best known for its almost year-round beautiful weather but what Australians consider nice weather, many people from other countries might consider too hot. Visitors coming from drier climates especially will more than likely find the humidity during Australian summers unbearable.

This is why visiting Australia in autumn is the perfect time of year to plan your trip. By the time autumn rolls around, the extremely hot temperatures have started to disappear but the weather is still sunny and pleasant. The warm and comfortable temperatures mean that you will still enjoy being outside without having to worry as much about severe sunburn or energy draining humidity.

Also, the wet season has come to an end in the Tropical North which means that many tourist attractions in northern Australia begin to open up again.

Australia in March: Expect warm days and cool nights. There might still be some hot days but they are certainly on the way out but winter weather is still a long way.

Australia in April: April is a mixed bag temperature-wise but you probably will need to unpack your sweater in the southern half of the country.

Australia in May: May is the final month of autumn. Temperatures will be cool and nights crisp in most places. Temperatures in Sydney stay mild but cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, and Hobart will be cold. May is also the start of the dry season in the Tropical North.

2. You Can Still Pack Light

Visiting Australia in Autumn
Byron Bay in Australia

Even though it is fall and temperatures are starting to cool down, cooler weather in Australia does not have the same definition as cool weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

In general, Australia does not experience really cold weather and this is especially true the further north you go (although if you asked an Australian they would tell you their winters are freezing).

In the far north, it will just be not as hot, while in the sub-tropic region it will be a mix of warm and cool weather. However the further south you go (think Sydney and Melbourne) it will more than likely be cold enough to require at least a light sweater.

But no matter where you choose to holiday in Australia during the autumn season, you can plan on packing light. This means saving money on extra luggage fees and not having to drag heavy suitcases around.

Here’s a guide for you on what to pack for a trip to Australia in autumn.

3. You Can Save Money By Visiting In The Shoulder Season

Summer is Australia’s peak travel season which means hotel rooms, car rentals, and flights are at their most expensive. In the Tropical North, winter is considered peak travel season as this when the wet season has come to an end and temperatures have cooled down.

So I think it goes without saying then that by planning your trip to Australia in autumn (or within Australia in the case for Australians) that you will be saving loads of money by visiting in what is considered the shoulder season.

4. Avoid Crowds

Following on from the above reason about autumn being the shoulder season, the bonus is there will be less crowds to contend with at this time of year.

This means the beaches won’t be shoulder to shoulder packed with tourists or children on their school holidays. And with temperatures still fairly pleasant at this time of year you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy Australia’s stunning shoreline.

5. Attend The Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is Australia’s largest event with over 800,000 attendees on average each year.

First held in 1823, the Easter Show is a celebration of Australian culture compromising an agricultural show showcasing the judging of livestock and produce, an amusement park with show bag pavilion, and nightly live entertainment. You can watch sheepdog trials, woodchopping tournaments and prizewinning pigs.

The Royal Easter Show is held over a two week period around Easter in April at the Sydney Olympic Showgrounds. This is one of the biggest and best reasons to visit Sydney in autumn.

6. Experience Anzac Day

Autumn In Australia: Things To Do

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia that commemorates Australians and New Zealanders who served the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) in Gallipoli during the First World War which is observed on the 25th of April each year.

The first commemorative event of Anzac Day is the Dawn Service held at 4.30 am. Many communities follow the dawn service with a ‘traditional’ gunfire breakfast. Gunfire is a British tradition and was the usual term for the early cup of tea served out to troops in the morning which has now evolved to whatever is available at the time such as coffee and rum or bacon and eggs.

Some time later in the morning, marches are held in small towns and cities across Australia to honor the soldiers. Marches became popular with veterans in the 1920’s to honor lost friends and express comradeship. Marches traditionally saw only veterans who performed active service but has now been relaxed to include grandchildren and great-grandchildren to represent relatives. The march may be followed by reunions and lunches put on by local establishments.

One of the most popular traditions of Anzac Day is the traditional gambling game of ‘two-up’ which involves betting on a coin toss. Even though the game has been declared illegal by the Australian government, this is the one day it may be played legally at public venues.

Lastly, you can look forward to trying an Anzac biscuit. It’s a delicious Australian tradition.

7. Watch Sea Turtles Hatch At The Great Barrier Reef

Autumn In Australia: Things To Do

The Great Barrier Reef is on the bucket list for many travelers and if you plan your trip around autumn in Australia you’ll be able to catch the end of sea turtle hatching season. Visitors love watching the tiny creatures scramble from their nests out to sea and we are sure you’ll love it too.

The best places to witness the magical event around this time of year is at Lady Elliot Island, Heron Island, Great Keppel Island, and Mon Repos Beach in the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

8. Enjoy Good Music At Blues & Roots Festival in Byron Bay

Autumn In Australia: Things To Do

The legendary Blues & Roots Music Festival held in Byron Bay over the Easter Long Weekend is reason alone to visit Australia.

A celebration of blues, roots, and reggae music, this mega-fun event runs over the course of five days and attracts over 100,000 people delivering nothing short of good vibes. Past performers have included big names like Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Angus & Julia Stone, Alabama Shakes, John Legend and BB King. With such an excellent track record of previous line ups you can be sure each year will be worth attending.

The festival is held in Tyagrah only a mere five miles from beautiful Byron Bay which is just another reason to add Blues Fest to your bucket list.

Bluesfest is a kid-friendly event with music that is suitable for children so don’t miss out on this incredible festival just because you have your younger ones in tow. You’ll be happy to know that tickets come at a discounted rate for children between the ages of 6 and 15 while kids under the age of 6 are free.

9. Visit Adelaide’s Fringe Festival

Australia in Autumn: Things To Do

Ask anyone from Adelaide when is the best time to be in South Australia and they will tell you autumn because this is when the Fringe Festival takes place.

What is Fringe Fest? The Adelaide Fringe Fest is a city wide street party full of brilliant entertainment with events that include cabaret, comedy, theatre, music, visual arts, and more. It has become the biggest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere surpassed only by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. This is pretty extraordinary considering the city of Adelaide only has a population of 1.3 million people!

The extraordinary festival brings together over 6,000 independent artists that put on over 1200 shows. Fortunately, this is a month long event which means you have plenty of chances to attend.

10. Avoid Wet Season In Australia’s Top End

Autumn In Australia
Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu. Photo by Tracy Ryan

Australia’s top end is famous for its wet season which takes place between November and April when the vast majority of the region’s rain falls. The flora and fauna here depend on this rainfall especially because Australia is such an arid country.

However, monsoon season isn’t really the best time to visit. Not only is it wet but extremely humid too. Therefore if you visit in autumn, not only will you be a lot more comfortable but you’ll also save money too. This is because the Northern Territory’s peak season is winter which means if you visit in the fall you’re avoiding monsoon season and peak season but still able to reap the benefits of monsoon season like seeing lush landscapes and flowing waterfalls. `

During the transition from wet to dry season (April & May) you can expect temperatures to range anywhere between 24 to 34 degrees. Considering how hot for example Alice Springs can get, April is a much better time to visit when there will be less tourists and still some greenery.

Kakadu National Park is another place in Australia’s top end that is perfect to visit during autumn when there is less risk of flooding while still being able to see the wonderful waterfalls flowing.

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